A description of problems and procedures involved in the initiation of a Higher Horizons programme in seven schools of the Winnipeg School Division No. 1

dc.contributor.authorMazur, Michael Johnen_US
dc.degree.levelMaster of Education (M.Ed.)en_US
dc.description.abstractThis study provides an account of the problems and procedures involved in the initiation of the Higher Horizons programme in an area within the Winnipeg School Division. The programme is designed to stimulate pupils in culturally deprived and economically depressed areas, and to retain them in school until they have qualified for admission to college or to a technical or vocational school. Since there are schools in which large numbers of children have special educational needs, brought about by underprivileged homes, cultural deprivation, lack of intellectual stimulation, and difficult social conditions, many educators believe that educational opportunities should be provided to meet the needs of these children as well as to raise the aspirations of children, parents and teachers, in order to improve the standards of education... The schools designated as a suitable area for instituting a Higher Horizons programme in Winnipeg were the Hugh John Macdonald Junior High School and its six elementary feeder schools; namely, Victoria-Albert, Pinkham, Somerset, Isbister, Dufferin, and Montcalm. The Winnipeg Higher Horizons programme is examined, regarding the problems encountered in educating the children of these schools, in order to justify the implementation of the project. An investigation examined: l) the pupil dropouts, 2) the grade expectancies of Grade V and VI pupils, and 3) the mobility of pupils in the area selected for the programme. Comparisons of mental ability, reading, and monthly attendance records were made between the pupils in the area and pupils in higher socio-economic areas of Winnipeg... The procedures established in the operation of the program are discussed next. First, a historical background and the preliminary planning are outlined. Second, the resources required are noted. Third, the cultural activities and special academic projects are reviewed. An important factor in conducting the varied programme of activities and projects was found to be the stimulation and encouragement given by the Coordinator and the administrative personnel to the principals, teachers, pupils and parents... Much of the success of the programme as a whole cannot be measured in statistical terms but, after more than two years of operation, the programme reveals certain strengths and weaknesses. Of the tangible results, procedures for better attendance, for improved home contacts, for good rapport between teachers and parents, and for increased awareness of special needs in the area, are moderately successful...en_US
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dc.titleA description of problems and procedures involved in the initiation of a Higher Horizons programme in seven schools of the Winnipeg School Division No. 1en_US
dc.typemaster thesisen_US
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