A sociological examination of the development of the electrical utility in Manitoba

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Eckert, Henry
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The primary purpose of this thesis is the study of the process of developmental change as it is manifested in the electrical utilities industry in Manitoba. Toward this end, a socio-historical account of the institutional development of that industry is traced from 1875 to 1974. Subsequently, having identified the Manitoba Legislative Assembly session of 1912 as critical to that development, a conflict perspective is employed drawing from the works of Moore, Simmel, Coser and others in the interpretation of relevant events which occurred during that session. The major issue of the conflict was seen to be between proponents of private ownership and the advocates of public ownership. The relative import of various social interests in this conflict over time was documented and systematically analyzed in their effects upon the ultimate action taken by the assembly. The results of the analysis indicated that the conflict appears to be a major factor in the developmental change process in the electrical industry in Manitoba.