Numerical modeling in geotechnical engineering with applications in cold regions

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Liu, Hongwei
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The objective of this thesis is to apply thermal analysis, coupled thermo-hydraulic analysis, and fully coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis developed in this research to different engineering designs in cold regions. The applications vary from Geothermal Snow-Melting System Design to Structural and Thermal Integrity of Buried Infrastructure in cold regions. A feasibility study of geothermal energy pile based snow melting systemwas performed for six major cities in Canada. The coefficient of performance (COP) of heat pump is derived and the number of geothermal piles are determined for each city based on its specific local geological condition and heating demand.Also, the structural and thermal integrity of buried infrastructure were studied by performing an optimum design of rigid plastic foam insulations to protect buried utilities against frost damage and reduce the excavation cost. Furthermore, the effect of frost heave on the structural integrity of pavement structure and culverts are assessed.
Snow melting, heat and mass transfer, Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical model, Geothermal energy pile, Frost heave