A residential subdivision for the town of Selkirk, Manitoba

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Harrs, Leonard Michael
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The subject of this Thesis consists of the design of a residential subdivision for the town of Selkirk, Manitoba. The site chosen for this subdivision comprises 425 acres of presently undeveloped land west of the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks and the larger size of this area has permitted the author to develop it as a complete neighbourhood. In the treatment of his subject the author has aimed at an intelligent compromise between aesthetics and practicability, embodying those principles of effective town planning, sound engineering and economics which should govern any good design. However, in those few instances where aesthetics and practicability would conflict, the solution adopted has been in favour of the former, since this Thesis represents an academic essay in town planning; that which is considered most desirable from the point of view of town planning will override other considerations. The Thesis is divided into two sections. Part I, describes the town, its zoning and its utilities, both present and proposed. It includes a market analysis, some general principles of neighbourhood planning, and ends with a chapter which gives the reasons for the author's selection of the site. Part II describes the actual design of the subdivision and explains, where deemed necessary, the measures adopted.