The relationship between structural empowerment and job satisfaction: a cross-sectional study

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Karaparambil, Jose
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Abstract The purpose of this correlational cross-sectional study was to explore the relationship between workplace empowerment and job satisfaction of nurses working in WRHA hospitals, following major organizational restructuring. Restructuring and downsizing in healthcare are not considered new phenomena. Healthcare organizations underwent numerous reforms in the early and mid-1990s. Two decades later, the healthcare sector is once again the target of restructuring. In 2017, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) experienced considerable restructuring as the provincial government attempted to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery to deal with budget short falls and improve quality of care. There has been minimal effort to understand the influences of structural empowerment on job satisfaction in more dynamic organizational contexts, such as organizational restructuring, especially, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kanter’s Structural Theory of Organizational Empowerment (1977, 1993) is a framework that explains empowerment within the context of the organization. This study was conducted using a cross-sectional descriptive correlational study. An online survey methodology was used for this study. A total of 177 respondents (n=177) completed 3 questionnaires - Condition of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire-ll, the Mueller and McCloskey Satisfaction Scale, and a demographic questionnaire. The results of the study revealed that overall scores of structural empowerment, each subscale of structural empowerment was positively related to job satisfaction, and mandated overtime was negatively related to job satisfaction. This study furthers our understanding and knowledge about the importance of providing an empowered workplace environment for nurses following organizational restructuring, and its potential to impact job satisfaction.
Organizational restructuring, Job satisfaction, Structural Empowerment