Investigating CityEngine as an urban geodesign change model for transit-oriented development planning and design along Winnipeg’s future Eastern Rapid Transit Corridor

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Litovitch, Ryan
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Geodesign may potentially be a useful process in the planning and design of transit-oriented development (TOD), where many different stakeholders are involved and where there may be an enormous variety of values, perspectives as well as possible outcomes. However, a research-based understanding of geodesign at urban scales required for addressing TOD is lacking. This practicum places the three-dimensional procedural modelling software CityEngine as an urban geodesign “change” model and investigates how it may be used to facilitate the planning and design of transit-oriented development along the City of Winnipeg’s proposed Eastern Rapid Transit Corridor. The research explores one way by which CityEngine’s computer-generated architecture scripting language may incorporate TOD built environment factors and generate useful visualizations and data for comparison and evaluation, as well as examining a potential urban geodesign process incorporating the tool. The practicum reflects on the tool’s strengths and weaknesses and offers suggestions for further research.
geodesign, CityEngine, procedural modelling, transit-oriented development, urban design, urban planning, Winnipeg