Saint-Claude (Manitoba) : a demographic analysis

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Rowan, Michael Lucien Charles
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The following dissertation penetrates a sphere of research and analysis well known and frequently performed by demographers in those European countries where Roman Catholicism is a predominant religion. The work revolves around the demographic makeup of a bygone population, and because Roman Catholic parish registers have kept, for many centuries, records on all known births, marriages and deaths within its boundaries, the interested demographer has access to the reconstruction of the families for that particular area. The study may involve either separate villages, towns or groups of one or the other. The ensuing reconstruction process enables the researcher to weave a portrait of general and specific fertility, natality, nuptiality and mortality trends for that parish... SAINT-CLAUDE, a French-speaking parish community nestled in rural Southern Manitoba, came into being in the early 1890s. Its people live primarily on sizeable farms, even though the "village" portion of the parish maintains some 30% of the total registered population of Saint-Claude.