Designing the playscape: an interactive learning resource center that encourages creative learning

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Wong, Kian
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Human civilization and society have grown exponentially over the last millennia through the help of innovation and technology. What, then, propels innovation and technology? Throughout history, humans have used their imagination and creativity to make new things, tools, devices, and buildings to make life easier and advance civilization. The knowledge to create and use these tools is taught to the next generation through educational services and facilities such as learning resource centers. At its core, a learning resource center is usually a library that provides and encourages audiovisual aids, other tools, and books to support the educational system. The research in this practicum aims to define the connection between creativity and education through play and to study the typologies of learning resource centers/libraries and playful areas/third places such as playgrounds. As society is ever-evolving and growing, so too must its inhabitants. While the education system can teach people how to use sophisticated tools, the system could be improved with more opportunities to teach it creatively. Thus, this practicum aims to introduce a dynamic approach to designing learning resource centers by creating playful environments. The research focuses on exploring the concepts of play, interactive design, and maker spaces and using them to iterate a new design typology. This practicum will design an interactive learning resource center as a hub for individuals seeking growth, collaboration and learning through play. The project aims to contribute to the design industry by studying the outcome of combining two distinct typologies: learning resource centers (LRC) and playful areas, such as playgrounds. The research will provide various techniques and tools to create environments that promote learning through play.
Library, Interior Design, Interactive Learning Resource Center, Education, Play, Creative Learning