I come from a long line of machines

My research investigates the repetitive processes of embroidery, finger knitting, digital image-making using Photoshop, and how they are similar in their use of mechanical systems. By engaging in a collaborative process with different machines and tools, I attempt to share control of artistic production. I address notions of artistic authorship, chaos, order, control, infinity, and mechanical repetitive systems. I embrace systematic processes in order to create art that is similar to that of a programmed machine. By doing so I am able to gain perspective into the ways in which machines and humans are alike.
Visual arts, Fine arts, Craft, Domestic arts, Machines, Repetitive systems, Mechanical systems, Systematic processes, Computers, Computing process, Process art, Instructional art processes, Digital art, Digital image-making, Photoshop, Embroidery, Stitching, Pixels, Finger Knitting, Knitting Machine, Knitting, Video art, Sound art, Repetition, Rhizome, Noncomposition, Artistic authorship, Chaos, Order, Control, Pattern, Textiles, Fibre art , Ouroboros, Infinity