Consumer perception and choice preference concerning safe clothing and workers’ safety: a case study of university-based consumers in Manitoba, Canada

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Khanom, Marjia
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The purpose of this research was to understand consumers’ purchasing behaviour and their willingness to contribute to bringing safety to the workplace by participating in various social actions. This research also aimed to find ways to inform consumers about safe working environments, and to examine consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for this cause. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. The findings showed that when consumers knew that the clothing was made in hazardous conditions, they were willing to stop purchasing from favourite retailers/brands. Consumers that participated in this study did not actively participate in social actions. Of the participants, 50% interview-participants and 54.74% survey-participants were willing to have a new safety label if this label would guarantee the consumers about safe workplace environment. This study suggests a “new safety label” indicating that clothing was manufactured in a safe workplace environment would increase apparel demand in the global market.
Workplace safety