Zero tillage for cereal production on forage sods in Manitoba

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Clayton, George William.
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The effects of zero, minimum and conventional tillage on soil water content, soil compaction and crop growth on a fine-textured soil previously sown to perennial forages was studied over a two year period. The effect of glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba, alone or in combination was evaluated for the control of established alfalfa on the experimental site. Under zero tillage surface soil water was higher than under conventional or minimun tillage throughout the growing season, with the greatest differences occurring in the surface 10 cm. Infiltration rate was higher under zero tillage than under conventional or minimum tillage when the previous forage crop consisted of approximately 30 percent alfalfa. When the previous forage contained only bromegrass, the infiltration rate into untilled soils was less than into conventionally tilled soils. This result was attributed to the consolidated soil condition that occurred under zero tillage. The lower infiltration rate into minimum till soil in both years of study was attributed to low porosity, low random roughness or surface sealing...