A study of the financial support of education in Manitoba

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Elliott, George James
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In this study it is intended to review the history of the finances of the Public School system. The reasons for certain changes will not be sought, except where they obviously grow out of the financial conditions of the time. Religious, social, popular or political motives will not be considered. The figures published by the Department of Education frm time to time will be examined. The message these figures carry to the man on the street will be noted and their real significance sought. A comparison will be made between the Government Grant and the amounts obtained from Local Levies. The Cost of Education will be computed upon different bases. Both the tendency and the result of the prevailing system of financing will be considered. The work and some of the recommendations of the Murray Commission will be noted. Various suggestions for enlarging the basis of support reducing the cost and readjusting the burden of school support will be examined. The plan for separating Municipal and School District finances will be examined as well as some other phases of the situation that may be suggested as the study is carried forward and it is possible some practical suggestions may be made.