Slope stability considerations of a riverbank in Metropolitan Winnipeg

dc.contributor.authorVan Cauwenberghe, Raymond A.en_US Engineeringen_US of Science (M.Sc.)en_US
dc.description.abstractThe problem is to isolate those social variables within a changing ethnic subculture that are associated with acculturation as its members move from the country to the city. The sample includes Mennonite musicians who are members of an ethnic group subjected to urban influences in the city. Mennonites are a cultural-religious ethnic group who in 1874 first settled on both sides of the Red River in the southern region of Manitoba. Since then, many Mennonites have left the farms and villages to reside in the city, particularly Metropolitan Winnipeg. The results of urbanization have included proliferation into different occupations and interests; the focus of this study is music because it is an area of specialized interest in which Winnipeg Mennonites are well represented...en_US
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dc.titleSlope stability considerations of a riverbank in Metropolitan Winnipegen_US
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