What will I tell my daughter? women who immigrate with their spouse or partner: issues, challenges and successes

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Kopytko, Randean C.
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Over the past fifteen years, Manitoba’s aggressive immigration strategy has brought thousands of newcomers to the province, many of whom relocated with spouses and families. The proposed study aims to explore the struggles and successes that immigrant women face when they relocate to Manitoba primarily for their partners’ work opportunities, with the intention of informing education and settlement services for these women. The study adopts gender role theory as the main theoretical framework, exploring assumptions and the impact they might have on the relationships and decision making of couples who immigrate to Manitoba (Mincer, 1978). Data collection techniques include a semi-structured interview and email communication. The findings will illuminate the experiences and perspectives of immigrant women who relocate with their partner or spouse to Manitoba, and may inform the work of educators, policy makers, settlement services, and dual-career consultants who support this population.
dual career couples, immigrant women