A platform for mobile visualization of SHM data

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Woelk, Matthew
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This thesis presents a system to display Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) data interactively at multiple scales that range from milliseconds to years. Typically, visualizing large SHM datasets produce static plots that take significant time to render. Our system improves upon standard tools by providing an interactive interface and a speed-optimized binning algorithm. Using the interface, a user is able to view data collected from a bridge's sensors at multiple scales in a web browser. This allows a user to visually inspect the entire range of their data to see both short and long-term trends. To render the data, the system uses a binning algorithm to calculate a five-number summary of a range of data. Those bins are combined to generate increasingly high levels of bins, which are then rendered as a binned line chart. The chart is rendered using a standard web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.
SHM, Data Visualization, binned line chart