Aboriginal front line workers' response to Aboriginal Justice Inquiry-Child Welfare implementation : an exploration into front line workers' experiences

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Williams, Cybil R. A.
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The field of Aboriginal child and family services in Canada has evolved in a rapid fashion for the past 50 years. Front line practitioners in this high stress field respond to a quickly evolving ideology, and must develop best practice techniques in the face of enormous social problems of Aboriginal people in Canada. Manitoba is on the cusp of developing the first model of child welfare of its kind in Canada. The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry- Child Welfare Initiative is Manitoba's new child welfare legislation that recognizes the rights of Aboriginal peoples to provide child protection services to their members. Using Qualitative Analysis, and structured interviews, this researcher explores and describes the experiences and perceptions of eight Aboriginal front line workers who are employed in three southern Manitoba Aboriginal child welfare agencies in phase four of this historic implementation. Results have indicated a strong commitment to Aboriginal focused interventions that are based on historical and cultural realities of Aboriginal peoples. Researcher has highlighted themes evident in the results, and has developed a series of recommendations and conclusions.