Dynamical Adaptive Backstepping-Sliding Mode Control of Penumatic Actuator

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He, Liang
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This thesis documents the development of a novel nonlinear controller for servo pneumatic actuators that give good reference tracking at low speed motion, where friction has strong effect to the system behaviors. The design of the nonlinear controller presented in this thesis is based on the formalism of Lyapunov stability theory. The controller is constructed through a dynamical adaptive backstepping-sliding mode control algorithm. The conventional Lyapunov-based control algorithm is often limited by the order of the dynamical system; however, the backstepping design concept allows the control algorithm to be extended to higher order dynamical systems. In addition, the friction is estimated on-line via the Lyapunov-based adaptive laws embedded in the controller; meanwhile, the sliding mode control provides high robustness to the system parameter uncertainties. The simulation results clearly demonstrating the improved system performance (i.e., fast response and the reduced tracking error) are presented. Finally, the integration of the controller with a Lyapunov-based pressure observer reduces the state feedback of the servo pneumatic actuator model to only the piston displacement.
pneumatic actuator, friction modeling, Lyapunov stability analysis, nonlinear controller