One hundred years in the history of the rural schools of Manitoba : their formation, reorganization and dissolution (1871-1971)

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Perfect, Mary Brewster
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This thesis is an attempt to present and to preserve, in an accessible form,certain pertinent data concerning the formation and major changes which took place in the organization of the rural school districts of Manitoba between 1871 and 1971. During that century, the original districts were established, dissolved or reorganized into one or more of a variety of administrative units before becoming indistinguishable parts of school divisions. A brief survey of the history of education in the Red River settlement and Manitoba is first presented, providing the background necessary for an account of the development of rural educational facilities within the province. The author was granted access to the formation files of the school distrícts of Manitoba. She also had several informal discussions with officials of the Administration Branch of the Manitoba Department of Education. Although there are some empty formation files and several which contain a minimal amount of information, the author, taking into consideration the frontier and pioneer conditions which existed in various sections of the province for many years following 1871 and realizing the difficulties and human frailties involved in setting up the original system of collecting data, was surprised to note, not how litt1e, but rather how much information has been recorded and preserved. The data presented consist of the names and numbers of the districts, sites of their school buildings and their formation, reorganization and dissolution dates along with indications of the administrative means used to effect those changes. These devices, created by the government and authorized for use through the Statutes of Manitoba, have been identified and illustrated...