Organizations treating sexual offenders in Manitoba : case studies of management, innovations, and barriers

dc.contributor.authorChan, Walter Wai Taken_US Worken_US of Social Work (M.S.W.)en_US
dc.description.abstractThis introductory multiple case study described the structure, activities and critical issues of four (4) sex offender treatment agencies in the City of Winnipeg. The study applied the correctional policy model of Ekstedt and Griffiths (1988) to each of these agencies, and examined the fit between the policy model and the findings. The four agencies included a psychiatric clinic, residential facility, small government program, and voluntary support program. The study was conducted using the case study method of Yin (2003) and qualitative research method (Berg, 2001). Sixteen (16) interviews were conducted with paid workers and volunteers at the treatment agencies. Interviews focused on the relevant policy issues and the link between policy and direct practice. In addition, document data supplemented and corroborated interview findings. Cross-case analysis identified a number of significant issues in the offender treatment field in Manitoba, including the high support needs of sexual offenders, the existence of oppressive practices, as well as impressive organizational strengths. Based on the findings, the writer put forth a number of conclusions and recommendations regarding offender treatment agencies, in seeking best practice, supporting workers in a difficult field, and promoting accountability. The findings also demonstrated a moderate fit with the correctional policy model, and suggestions for further theory building were made.en_US
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dc.titleOrganizations treating sexual offenders in Manitoba : case studies of management, innovations, and barriersen_US
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