An analysis of camping by Winnipeg residents at selected parks in Manitoba with projections of participation to 1976

dc.contributor.authorHo, Raina Jui-Chuen_US of Arts (M.A.)en_US
dc.description.abstract...Camping as a form of outdoor recreation has experienced even faster growth trends (Table 2). Consequently this thesis is exclusively devoted to this aspect of outdoor recreation, as it is apparent that the provision of camping opportunities will continue to be a major concern of park agencies for many years to come... As the demands for camping increase, there will be a need for further reassessment and consequent changes in planning and administrative strategy. Knowledge of the character of these demands is imperative in the formulation of an effective policy concerning the development of camping in this province. As a result, the purpose of this thesis is to try and provide a comprehensive study of the participation in camping by Metropolitan Winnipeg residents at selected provincial and national parks of Manitoba during 1969 and 1970, and to test the applicability of one method of demand forecasting to the Manitoba situation; to determine whether a model developed under one set of geographic conditions can be utilized in a different set, or if not, what modifications have to be made. Participation will be expressed in terms of the number of visitor-nights or group-nights, and projections to 1976 will be made based on the results from those years, because drastic changes in the inter-relationships between the component parts are not usually anticipated in so short a time. It is unfortunate that this project will provide only part of the answers to the whole picture of demand for this activity in Manitoba. To go beyond the scope set for this research would have entailed either the analysis of far more data thoroughly with an increase in the scope of the work of a less intensive analysis than had been planned. As the prime purpose of the thesis is to test the applicability of methodology, a decision was made to subject a small body of data to an intensive form of analysis. It is hoped, however, that this thesis will be useful in contributing some of the answers needed for policy-making for camping by governmental and private agencies, and that this study will provide a beginning for further research in this field...en_US
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dc.titleAn analysis of camping by Winnipeg residents at selected parks in Manitoba with projections of participation to 1976en_US
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