Alcohol and Substance Use in the Jewish Community: A Pilot Study

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Baruch, Melanie
Benarroch, Abraham
Rockman, Gary E.
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Awareness of addictions in the Jewish community is becoming increasingly prevalent, and yet, a gap exists in the literature regarding addictions in this community. Knowledge about the prevalence of addictions within Jewish communities is limited; some believe that Jews cannot be affected by addictions. To address this gap, a pilot study was conducted to gather preliminary evidence relating to addictions and substance use in the Jewish community. Results indicate that a significant portion of the Jewish community knows someone affected by an addiction and that over 20% have a family history of addiction. Future research needs are discussed.
Melanie Baruch, Abraham Benarroch, and Gary E. Rockman, “Alcohol and Substance Use in the Jewish Community: A Pilot Study,” Journal of Addiction, vol. 2015, Article ID 763930, 4 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/763930