James Bay Expedition 2022 Cruise Report

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Ausen, Emma
Fedirchuk, Grace
Mundy, CJ
Ehn, Jens
Kuzyk, Zou Zou A
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Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba
With funding support from NSERC and Oceans North NGO, a research consortium led by researchers at the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS), University of Manitoba (UM), carried out an oceanographic research expedition to James Bay and nearby waters during July 20–August 26, 2022. This James Bay Expedition (JBE) 2022 was the second of two oceanographic research cruises to James Bay aboard the RV William Kennedy intended to update our understanding of the oceanography of this system. The first phase of the JBE took place in summer 2021 and accomplished oceanographic sampling throughout James Bay as well as deployment of five oceanographic moorings intended to monitor subsurface conditions for year-long periods. During summer 2022, the moorings were recovered and sampling was repeated at a number of stations throughout James Bay. The summer 2022 program also expanded oceanographic data coverage to include the waters surrounding the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay, which receives outflow from James Bay.
CTD profiles, Fishes, Hudson Bay, James Bay, Oceans, Primary Production, Sediments, Zooplankton, algae