Canadian immigration

dc.contributor.authorIvens, William,en_US of Arts (M.A.)en_US
dc.description.abstractNever before in the history of the world has the peaceful migration of nations been as free, as unimpeded, and as universal as it is in our era. Never before have nations faced such tremendous political, economic, and other religious issues emanating from immigraion as the American Continent is facing to-day. How vital is the issue can be seen by the briefest glance at the civilization and swiftly changing political issues of the Occident as compared with the Orient of the present age. Moreover our very independence and existence as an Nation is hanging in the balance, and the destiny of the future lies more largely in the hands of present-day statemen than it did with the "Fathers of Federation". Especially is this so because of the increasing tide of immigraiton to our shores.en_US
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dc.titleCanadian immigrationen_US
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