Some geomorphic features and an attempt at morphologic mapping in the Falcon Lake-West Hawk Lake area, Manitoba

dc.contributor.authorTam, Kwong-Lim.en_US of Arts (M.A.)en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Falcon-West Hawk field area for this study extends from longitude 95* 09* W to longitude 95* 20*W, and from latitude 49* 40*N to latitude 49* 50*N. The total area is approximately 100 sq. miles. The area is traversed by railway and by the all-weather Trans-Canada Highway. Formerly a gold mining district, and now part of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, this area possesses gravel pits and branch roads, which greatly facilitated access and data compilation. This area, approximately 90 miles east of Winnipeg (map 1), is now a summer and winter holiday resort. Most of the Falcon-West Hawk area displays an irregular surface of low relief so characteristic of the western edge of the Canadian Shield. Extensive rock outcrops are interrupted by muskegs. Rock outcrops are smooth and usually occur as elongated ridge forms. The tops of hills are generally about 100 feet or less above the level of nearby lakes. In a few places, local relief up to 200 feet occurs, usually where a massive rock outcrop stands boldly above the general level. The Falcon-West Hawk area is approximately 1,100 feet above sea level...en_US
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dc.titleSome geomorphic features and an attempt at morphologic mapping in the Falcon Lake-West Hawk Lake area, Manitobaen_US
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