A study of policy continuity between the Progressive Conservative and New Democratic Party governments of Manitoba, 1958-1977

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McCaffrey, Shaun
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There existed a fundamental similarity in the policies of the Roblin and Schreyer administrations during the years from 1958 to 1977. By means of historical analysis, this thesis traces several major fields of public policy which characterized the Roblin Progressive conservatives and the Schreyer New Democrats, demonstrating that although there were ideological differences between the two governments, the policies of the two administrations reflected a significant continuity. Both administrations maintained an interventionist presence in economic and social matters. Both governments were more active in their earlier years in office, and both slowed down somewhat in their later years. This thesis focuses on five policy areas: education, health and we1fare, urban renewal, northern development and general economic policy. A substantial continuity of policy was evident in all of these areas, demonstrating that the period of interventionist government in Manitoba initiated by Roblin, was maintained by the Schreyer administration.