Adopting a two-eyed seeing approach to leadership in public education: encapsulating both Indigenous ways of knowing and western knowledge to meet our commitment to reconciliation

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Kroeker, Jacqueline
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Educational leaders in Canada have been struggling with developing and maintaining public schooling that would honour Indigenous world views and ways of knowing to support all students. The purpose of this qualitative study was to analyze how educational leaders can alter their leadership practices towards incorporating a two-eyed seeing (Hatcher, Bartlett, Marshall & Marshall, 2009) approach that is grounded in Indigenous world views and ways of knowing. Using a two-eyed seeing approach in educational leadership practices is important, as it would support engaging in culturally balanced practices that respect both Indigenous and non-Indigenous world views and ways of knowing in public education without a strong emphasis on one over the other. The research question that guided this study is: How can a two-eyed seeing approach guide the practices of educational leaders to adjust their epistemology and bring reconciliation to the forefront in Manitoba public education to create culturally safe spaces for all learners? In this qualitative study, narrative inquiry was the methodology adopted through conducting interviews with a focus on storytelling with Indigenous and non-Indigenous educational leaders. The overall aim of this research was to develop a set of recommendations that would assist educational leaders in their everyday leadership practice, guided by a two-eyed seeing approach. As a result, this practice would potentially lead to a shift towards reconciliation and help to build culturally safe spaces in the school system for all students.
Two-eyed seeing, TRC, Truth and Reconciliation, Educational leadership, Reconciliation, Servant leadership, Culturally safe spaces, Narrative Inquiry, Storytelling, Indigenous world views, Indigenous ways of knowing, Western knowledge