Hospitality and indigeneity in the K-12 school system

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Cardinal, Maclane
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Educational hospitality, according to Claudia W. Ruitenberg (2011), is the notion that otherness is accepted, anticipated, and embraced. In a hospitable space, students are able to change practices that do not meet their unique needs, with pedagogy and practice becoming reflective of the population they serve, rather than perpetuating traditional understandings of schooling. Within a school context, hospitality has far reaching implications, perhaps the most poignant being that of creating hospitable spaces for Indigenous students. This study will seek to understand the ways in which Indigenous students perceive a sense of hospitality in their school ecologies, as well as examine the ways in which a sense of true hospitality might be fostered in school settings for and by Indigenous students. Through examining physical spaces, curriculum, and social relations in schools, the notion of hospitality will be utilized to bring forth both critiques as well as recommendations for school systems and structures to become hospitable to Indigenous students.
Educational hospitality, Reconciliation, Indigenous Education, Decolonization, Education, Hospitality