Formulating a regional economic development strategy : the key industry approach for Manitoba

dc.contributor.authorSaper, Arthur M.en_US of Arts (M.A.)en_US
dc.description.abstractThis thesis focuses on the role of industrialization in the development process for a region within a nation state. Specifically, it uses the Province of Manitoba as an example. An attempt is made to formulate a logical and consistent approach to identify the industries which a regional authority might promote to achieve regional economic development. The criteria for the selection of industries to be included in a development plan are: a)linkage effects; b)labour intensity; c)growth potential; and d)whether the industry is "footloose" or not. The intention is to provide the regional authority with a basis upon which to make decisions. These decisions relate to the type of industry which will best assist in achieving regional development, thus contributing to the alleviation of regional economic disparity in Canada. The discussion addresses itself to the nature and the reason for the existence of the problem of regional disparity; the relevant considerations of a development strategy at the regional level; the formulation of a procedure incorporating past efforts in the field; and an example using the Province of Manitoba. The role of government and industrialization are examined in formulating the method for industry selection. The resultant procedure is policy oriented. The direct empirical results were developed using an input-output framework. While noting the limitations of the approach, the decision maker is afforded the opportunity to study both the effects of industrialization and the role of value judgments on the attainment of the objective. The demonstration of the model exhibited the glaring data constraint to effective regional analysis in Canada today. However, an application of priorities, designed to minimize the incentive paid to industry per unit of gain received, was demonstrated. The thesis does accomplish its objective of identifying the nature of regional problems and forwards one possible solution.en_US
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dc.titleFormulating a regional economic development strategy : the key industry approach for Manitobaen_US
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