Transracial adoption : a study of the placement of Native Indian children with Caucasian couples

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Plett, Kenneth Cornelius.
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This study considered the adoptive placement of Native Indian children with Caucasian couples in Manitoba during the years 1974-1978 inclusive, in three areas: characteristics of the couples, the personal and social adjustment of the children, and the services of the adoption agencies. The couples came from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of traits, and no clear character typology could be determined. The overall adjustment of the children was found to be high, indicating the adopted children are doing well. There also appeared to be no direct relationship between the characteristics of the couples and the adjustment of the children. Services of the agencies are crucial in determining the overall success of the adoption placement. There is a strong and direct relationship between all aspects of adoption services and the adjustment of the children as measured by the child adjustment scale. As well, parental adequacy was found to depend to a great extent on post-adoption services.