Motivation & success : an exploratory study of Aboriginal students in the University of Manitoba's Special Pre-Medical Studies Program

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Harper, Tammy V. L.
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The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that influence Aboriginal students to apply to and be successful in the University of Manitoba's (U of M) Special Pre-Medical Studies Program (SPSP), to explore their initial motivation to apply to the program and to identify which supports they believe they will most help to keep them enrolled. This study involved a comprehensive content analysis of the autobiographies that Aboriginal students submit when applying to SPSP. The results of the content analysis allow readers to understand the goals and beliefs of the students before entering the university. The use of the completion status variable to the autobiographies allows initial conclusions to be made about what motivated them to apply and if a life changing event factored into this decision. Finally, conclusions are made on how initial goals, beliefs and determination affect student success in completing their program.