Food consumption practices in Thompson, Manitoba: a northern narrative

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St. Aubin, Zoё-Lea
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Drawing on a multi-layered theoretical framework of consumption, this thesis explores food consumption practices using a socio-cultural lens. It attempts to map food practices, illustrate environmental influences, and explore processes of negotiating preferred practices of consumption in a northern Canadian context; specifically Thompson, Manitoba. This focus provides insight into the complexities of food consumption habits and produces a northern narrative of the food experiences of those living in Thompson. The thesis is based on a mixed methods approach, encompassing both survey and interview data collection strategies. The findings show that habitus, gender, and identity-values have a significant influence on food consumption practices and are expressed through food routines and traditions involving purchasing, selection and preparation. My findings also illustrate a mismatched relationship between Thompson’s food milieu and its diverse population. The findings of this research can be taken into consideration by political representatives as they evaluate and develop future plans for Thompson’s food environment.
Food, Consumption, Northern, Manitoba, Socio-cultural, Warde, Bourdieu, Habitus, Gender, Identity, Practices, Place