Resource Management and Risk Assessment of Water Use by the Swine Industry in Manitoba, Canada

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Cielen, Trevor
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The volume of water utilized by the swine industry in the province of Manitoba has long been a contentious issue due to the potential impacts on the biophysical environmental and society well-being. A quantitative analysis framework was used to examine the concerns of water use and the provincial water use licensing regime as expressed by the Clean Environment Commission (2007) report on the sustainability of provincial swine industry. Data were obtained from a governmental archival source. The research findings revealed that concerns expressed in the Report were unfounded or disproportionate to the actual problem. The study outcome provides clearer understanding on the water volume utilized by the provincial swine industry and the appropriateness of the provincial licensing regime that administrates The Water Rights Act. Future policy recommendations include peer-reviewing needs of the CEC report and incorporation of water conservation techniques for future Manitoba Environmental Farm Plan and Growing Forward program.
Swine, Manitoba, Clean Environment Commission, Water, Licensing