The contributions and future direction of Program Science in HIV/STI prevention

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Becker, Marissa
Mishra, Sharmistha
Aral, Sevgi
Bhattacharjee, Parinita
Lorway, Rob
Green, Kalada
Anthony, John
Isac, Shajy
Emmanuel, Faran
Musyoki, Helgar
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Abstract Background Program Science is an iterative, multi-phase research and program framework where programs drive the scientific inquiry, and both program and science are aligned towards a collective goal of improving population health. Discussion To achieve this, Program Science involves the systematic application of theoretical and empirical knowledge to optimize the scale, quality and impact of public health programs. Program Science tools and approaches developed for strategic planning, program implementation, and program management and evaluation have been incorporated into HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention programs in Kenya, Nigeria, India, and the United States. Conclusion In this paper, we highlight key scientific contributions that emerged from the growing application of Program Science in the field of HIV and STI prevention, and conclude by proposing future directions for Program Science.
Emerging Themes in Epidemiology. 2018 May 28;15(1):7