Community to table; envisioning food production in North End Winnipeg

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Lins, Heather
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The goal of this practicum is to uncover and exemplify how to feed the community with nutritious food in order to sustain and bring the community together. The practicum illustrates how the transformation of underutilized urban land into a community-based food production network can help to create a nourished and connected community. The practicum asks the question of what can be imagined. Through a foundational approach of land ethic and the creative application of a community food system, individuals may increase empowerment, improve physical conditions, and achieve better health and wellness of community members. This practicum focuses on the Selkirk Avenue District in the North End of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to identify locations for the integration of food and proposes a series of community-based design strategies to achieve the goal. In order to feed the community with nutritious food, an investigation into the relationships between the community’s needs, urban infrastructure, and food sovereignty is undertaken so as to understand the ethical, social and physical inclusion of food production into the urban fabric. The integration of food being grown within existing urban infrastructure frames such as boulevards, schoolyards, vacant lots, and home yards, enhance the experience, health, and well being of the community members.
Community, Gardening, Growing food, Health, Wellbeing, Neighbourhood food network, and North End Winnipeg