The Winnipeg design centre: rethinking architecture education in the 21st century

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Zhang, Dongkun
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This practicum explores an interior design strategy for architectural educational institutions to stimulate design awareness, participation, accessibility, and collaboration of the academy, members of the public, and professionals, to accomplish high quality built environments for users. It responds to the central research question through a study of architectural design pedagogy. The study results in a proposal for a satellite campus in the form of a design centre, for the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. The theoretical framework outlines the rationale of learning theories, modes of knowledge-inquiry, as well as defines the meaning of the design centre. Based on the understanding of these concepts, the author addresses an interior design strategy to reinforce the architectural design learning setting as a living textbook for knowledge exchange. The proposed project will be for a not-for-profit educational facility housing space for - architectural students, academics, enthusiasts, and allied professionals to advocate design excellence in service to urban communities in the city of Winnipeg. The proposed name of this campus is the Winnipeg Design Centre (WDC). The conceptual project will belong to the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba and have the unique distinction of offering education through exploration of live design projects. The goal will be to facilitate and improve public knowledge about architectural design, foster collaboration among members of architectural design communities, scholars, policy sectors, engineers, and building users. By bringing all stakeholders together, the WDC will reach the goal of inspiring new ideas to solve architectural related issues and problems as well as being a new community resource for Winnipeg’s architectural professions and stakeholders. The physical facility of the WDC will be multi-functional, housing meeting spaces, workshops, design studios, lecture spaces, exhibition spaces, study spaces and leisure spaces.
architecture, design centre, constructivist learning