Performance based characterization of virgin and recycled aggregate base materials

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Ahmeduzzaman, Mohammad
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Characterization of the effect of physical properties on the performance such as stiffness and drainage of unbound granular materials is necessary in order to incorporate them in pavement design. The stiffness, deformation and permeability behaviour of unbound granular materials are the essential design inputs for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide as well as empirical design methods. The performance based specifications are aimed to design, and construct a durable and cost effective material throughout the design life of a pavement. However, the specification varies among jurisdiction depending on the historical or current practice, locally available materials, landform, climate and drainage. A literature review on the current unbound granular materials virgin and recycled concrete aggregate base construction specification has been carried out in this study. Resilient modulus, permanent deformation and permeability tests have been carried out on seven gradations of materials from locally available sources. Resilient modulus stiffness of unbound granular material at two different conditioning stress level have been compared in the study. The long term deformation behaviour has also been characterized from results of the permanent deformation test using shakedown approach, dissipated energy approach and a simplified approach. The results show improvement in resilient modulus and permanent deformation for the proposed specification compared to the currently used materials as a results of reduced fines content, increased crush count and inclusion of larger maximum aggregate size into the gradation. A significant effect of particle packing on permeability of granular materials have also been found, in addition to the effect of fines.
Unbound Granular Materials, Characterization, Stiffness, Specification, Resilient Modulus, Permanent Deformation, Recycled aggregate