Synthesis of a fluorous benzodithiol support and its utility in the construction of diverse ring systems

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Sharma, Maya
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A method for the synthesis of a symmetrical fluorous tagged benzodithiol support has been developed through a seven-step synthetic pathway. The Wittig olefination and catalytic hydrogenation reactions were employed to attach two perfluoroalkyl chains in the o-positions of phthalaldehyde. These fluorous tags were used as soluble supports which facilitated the purification of the crude reaction mixtures using fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE). A selective and high yielding dibromination reaction was developed to synthesize a fluorous tagged 1,2-dibromo aryl compound. A thorough study was carried out to demonstrate the ease of an aryl-sulfur bond formation with the 1,2-dibromo compound varying palladium catalysts and ligands. A new palladium catalyzed dithiolation reaction is reported to synthesize a surrogated dithiol, which was exploited as a precursor for the synthesis of hitherto inaccessible symmetrical fluorous tagged benzodithiol support. The utility of the benzodithiol was explored by the synthesis of benzodithianes with two aldehydes. The lithiated dithiane generated was further used to form a C-C bond employing the umpolung reaction. The ring-closing metathesis reaction using Grubbs II catalyst was performed to construct 5-membered and 6-membered spiro-ring systems. Several approaches were made to form a C-C bond with lithiated dithianes using various nitrogen containing electrophiles leading to N-heterocycles.
Fluorous, Fluorous Solid-Phase Extractions, Tagging, Traceless Linkers, Umpolung, Metathesis