The MakeSense Museum: Redefining the typology of the Modern Art Museum

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Maciuk, Kerstin
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ABSTRACT Art has the ability to elicit reactions that are emotive, raw, and thought-provoking. Yet, the spaces we visit to nourish that exchange could actually be hindering our ability to experience these reactions. Art museums, since their creation, have been institutions of observation and preservation. The traditional museum experience of static viewing is still the foundation today. With new technologies and research,however, art museums could be designed to promote an evolved state of viewing and experiencing. They could leave behind the need for rigid examination of artworks in favour of a more experience-based educational and recreational journey. With the aim of creating an interior space that reconnects the human body and its senses to the art museum experience, this practicum project addresses the shift occurring in interior and exhibition design in art museums of the 21st century. Today, galleries, museums, and exhibitions are being designed to result in inclusive experiences for their participants regardless of class, age, or gender. Through an examination of the post-museum typology, multi-sensory space, and perception, this practicum project’s aim is to design an art museum that results in a stronger connection to the participant’s understanding of art and their personal sensory engagement with it.
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