Becoming a nurse manager: From the perspective of nurse managers using a modified strategic talent management framework

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Witges, Kim
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As a result of the chronic nursing shortage, the ongoing retirements of an aging generation, and a general lack of interest from nurses to become nurse managers, there is valid concern around the development and sustainability of future nurse managers. The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore nurse managers’ perceptions and experiences of assuming a nurse manager position. In addition, the study highlights the organizational leadership practices that influenced nurses to become nurse managers. Using a modified version of Collings and Mellahi’s (2009) strategic talent management framework, two major themes emerged from the data giving insight into nurses becoming nurse managers. Broadening a nurse’s professional lens was considered by nurse managers to be an important theme relevant to understanding factors that motivated participant’s to become nurse managers. Shaping a nurse’s career path was the second theme that captured the leadership practices of existing leaders that influenced nurse’s becoming a nurse manager. The findings of this research were consistent with the literature related to understanding work motivations, as well as effective leadership practices believed to support career aspirations in nursing leadership. Implications for nursing leadership and practice were shared; recommendations for further research were discussed.
nurse manager, succession planning, talent management, career advancement