A study of the relative feeding value of early and late maturing corn in Manitoba

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Whiteman, Robert
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The increased demand for fodder crops in Manitoba, makes it imperative that a careful study be made of the composition of the various fodders, particularly corn. It has long been a controversial point among feeders as to whether the late corns improperly matured, with their heavy green weight yields have a higher feeding value per acre than the early maturing strains with lower gross yields. This investigation has been conducted with corns commonly grown in Manitoba, where even the late varieties will mature in favorable years. No attempt has been made to utilize Southern grown corns, therfore the terms "Early" and "Late" are applied in this case to those corns which will mature in approximately 100 days or well within the frost free season and those which require a somewhat longer period to ripen. Samples of both types were obtained from four different points in the province vis. Morden Experimental Station, Brandon Experimental Farm, Manitoba Agricultural College and from Mr. Murray of Graysville, Manitoba. The harvesting of these corns was done at the time the early varieties were in approximately the late dough stage or the usual time of harvesting. Four to five stalks of each variety, or one hill, were taken. The yields have been figured on the basis of ten thousand hills per acre.