A study of deserted families in receipt of public assistance : based on a study of desertion cases known to social agencies in October 1957

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Ramsay, Margaret.
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In this era of modern day living, the stability of family life is threatened by strains and stresses which are taking their toll in family breakdown, divorces, and desertions. Social agencies are requested to give casework help and public assistance in many of these cases and the financial cost of services provided for these families becomes the responsibility of the community. In order to appreciate the extent of the burden of desertion on the community, the main topic of this report will be an analysis of deserted families in receipt of public assistance in October, 1957. The size of the problem these desertion cases present in the community would depend on the number of deserted families requiring public assistance in comparison to the number of families in the community which should be indicated by the sample in which this study is based. In comparing those families on assistance at the time of desertion with those on assistance after desertion a question of interest to those concerned could be which group tends to present the greatest economic dependency. One of our greatest concerns is the health and welfare of the children of these deserted families. Their emotional adjustment to the trauma of desertion by either parent depends on their ability to accept this loss and the consequent deprivation of normal family life. If their emotional adjustment is not equal to the strain imposed by the desertion, personality problems may develop that require treatment, the cost of which in time and services will contribute still further to the economic burden on the community. This study is part of a project concerned with a study of deserted families receiving services from five agencies in October, 1957, and living in Winnipeg proper. These agencies are, the Department of Health and Welfare of the Province of Manitoba, the Family Bureau of Greater Winnipeg, the Public Welfare Department of the City of Winnipeg, and the Children's Aid Society of Greater Winnipeg...