Fabrication and optimization of a sensor array for incipient grain spoilage monitoring

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Hossain, Md. Eftekhar
odour volatile
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During storage of grain, there may have significant damage to its quality due to unfavorable physical and biological interactions and thus requires continuous monitoring. Therefore, an easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method is necessary for efficient monitoring of stored-grain. Arrays of sensors are being used for classifying liquors, perfumes, quality of food products mimicking mammalian olfactory systems. Monitoring of stored grain is a new application of sensor arrays. The main objective was to fabricate a carbon black polymer sensor array which can easily monitor incipient grain spoilage by detecting spoiling stored grain volatiles (benzene derivatives and aliphatic hydrocarbon derivatives) with minimum interference from relative humidity. Various aspects of a good sensor were analyzed using statistical analysis (RSD, LDA, PCA, t-test). The developed sensor array can identify red flour beetle-infected and uninfected wheat and fungal volatiles at ambient conditions as well as some stored grain conditions (MC 16%, RH 52%).
CB-polymer, sensor, array, incipient spoilage, odour