The influence of camera placement on the situation awareness of the remote supervisor of an autonomous agricultural machine

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Folorunsho, Olayinka
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Work is ongoing to develop fully autonomous agricultural machines where a remotely-located supervisor will replace an onboard operator. A high-quality automation interface will be required to achieve this significant development in agricultural machinery. Previous researchers have determined that real-time visual information is needed in an automation interface to instill the necessary high degree of trust. This thesis reports on our investigation on the impact of camera placement on the ability of the supervisor to obtain information from real-time video. We pre-recorded video clips for nine combinations of camera tilt angle (20° 30° and 40°) and height (1.5m, 1.75m, and 2.0m) to study the camera's location impact yielding nine distinct image velocities. Participants, recruited from the student population, completed two tasks. First to watch two side-by-side videos and indicate their preferred camera view. Second, watch a video of a sprayer moving across a field plot and assess the difficulty of identifying and interpreting randomly placed cues visible in the video clips. This study aims to determine whether camera placement influences the situation awareness of the supervisor and, if there is an influence, to identify the camera placement that maximizes the supervisor's situation awareness. Based on the experimental results from part one's protocol, we conclude that a look-ahead associated with a camera angle of 30º and a camera height of 1.5m was the preferred placement combination. No significant difference was present between the various camera angles for the degree of difficulty in detecting and interpreting frisbees. The test subjects equally rated the 2.0m camera height as preferred in seeing field information. By comparison, 1.5m camera height was the preferred camera height for interpreting field information
Autonomous agricultural machine, Remote supervision, Real-time visual information