Restoring Lavallee: an education resource centre

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Loewen, Ethan
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This practicum project will seek to introduce restorative culture and practices into the setting of an education resource centre to redefine the current processes used within educational settings for dealing with student behaviour and misconduct. Through supporting analysis of student psychology and behaviour and with an understanding of the context of current school design, a new design strategy will be proposed supporting the provision of an education resource centre and restorative behaviour facility within the context of an early and middle-years school. The aim of the project will be to provide an environment where supporting interactions and relationships can be revitalized to create a foundation for building trust, empathy, and accountability within schools and the surrounding community. A thorough understanding of the issues that students and schools currently face regarding misbehaviour, and the lasting damage which historical disciplinary approaches have caused, provides the necessary basis for response through effective and suitable design. This understanding will generate a framework to be applied to all later phases of the design, providing structure and direction to the study of national and international precedents, site analysis, programming, and design decisions. This will therefore enable further comprehension and knowledge within the landscape of school design and create recommendations to resolve these design challenges. Overall, this project will look to produce an environment that empowers students, parents, educators, and communities to embrace a culture of restoration and unity, providing them with access to the services and necessities they need to be successful, through a designed space that supports and encourages them to thrive.
Restorative practices, Restorative justice, Lavallee School, Education, Interior Design, Resource centre, Architecture, Design, School, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Student Behaviour