Eco dwelling: interior design as the medium for a branded lifestyle

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Nyysola, Tamara
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Eco Dwelling: Interior Design as a Medium for a Branded Lifestyle explores how the built environment can be used as a three-dimensional media in the context of branding a lifestyle. In Western society the exchange between consumption of material goods and personal identity is strongly influenced not only by media such as newspaper, radio, and television, but as well as by newer forms of social networking. The Eco Dwelling is a lifestyle complex that uses the environment as a three-dimensional media to promote the ideologies of a sustainable lifestyle. Eco-luxury apartments, eco-conscious retail and a vertical garden act as a narrative for a hybrid eco-luxury lifestyle by providing a mixed use, multi-tenant complex. Employing Holt’s Cultural Branding Strategy for brand development, the intent of the project is to create a new typology that allows consumers and eco-dwellers the opportunity to express their identity of both eco-consciousness and luxury living.
Interior Design, Branding, Media, Personal Identity, Architecture, Culture