Immigrant teacher narratives: re-storying the problem of immigrant teacher integration

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Kailasanathan, Subbalakshmi Perunkulam
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The rapidly changing Canadian mosaic compels the educational system to devise new and unique means to address the needs of a heterogeneous student and teacher populace emerging from varied cultural, linguistic, social and pedagogical contexts. Considerable work recommends the creation of an inclusive environment for immigrant students; sparse discourse considers the needs of immigrant teachers in a mainstream K-12 setting. The majority of discussions and discourses on immigrant teacher acculturation study the needs and challenges this diverse group of teachers has to contend with inside the environs of a Canadian classroom. This study extends these initial discourses to include the macrocosmic challenges faced by immigrant teachers by analyzing the lived experiences of immigrant teachers who have successfully established their place in the Manitoba educational system. Using a critical lens, the study endeavors to analyze the role of social capital in the integration experiences of immigrant educators in Manitoba.
Immigrant Teacher, Education, Integration, Challenges, Social Capital