Investigating the delivery of health and nutrition interventions for women and children in conflict settings: a collection of case studies from the BRANCH Consortium

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Ataullahjan, Anushka
Gaffey, Michelle F
Sami, Samira
Singh, Neha S
Tappis, Hannah
Black, Robert E
Blanchet, Karl
Boerma, Ties
Langer, Ana
Spiegel, Paul B
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Abstract Globally, the number of people affected by conflict is the highest in history, and continues to steadily increase. There is currently a pressing need to better understand how to deliver critical health interventions to women and children affected by conflict. The compendium of articles presented in this Conflict and Health Collection brings together a range of case studies recently undertaken by the BRANCH Consortium (Bridging Research & Action in Conflict Settings for the Health of Women and Children). These case studies describe how humanitarian actors navigate and negotiate the multiple obstacles and forces that challenge the delivery of health and nutrition interventions for women, children and adolescents in conflict-affected settings, and to ultimately provide some insight into how service delivery can be improved.
Conflict and Health. 2020 May 27;14(1):29