Ionized Air Core Cleaner Redesign

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Lisi, Stefano
Blonski, Carolyn
Roche, Stephen
Wang, Xiaodi (Tim)
Liu, Hao (Dylan)
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This report outlines an ionized air core cleaner redesign. The ionized air core cleaner redesign began with a series of on-site customer meetings in order to develop customer needs and requirements. The customer’s needs were used to develop metrics and then assigned target specifications for those that could be quantified. Project constraints and limitations were also based off the needs, which include a maximum budget of $40,000, to abide by CSA and ULC safety regulations, and a machine footprint of 87” x 60”. The final design submitted by Composite Consulting Canada (CCC) comprises of multiple integrated systems to fulfill the requirements. A conveyor system is utilized to control the feed rate of the core sheets through the core cleaner, which increases the consistency and effectiveness of the core cleaning. An EXAIR ionized super air knife, installed inside of the cleaner hood, is selected as the active cleaning component. The air knife’s cleaning ability is further improved by using linear actuators within the top hood of the cleaner. The linear actuator controls the height of the EXAIR air knife with respect to the thickness of the core sheet being cleaned. A vacuum system located underneath the cleaning table is used to remove the dust blown off and out of the honeycomb core cells by the EXAIR air knife. An electric hydraulic scissor lift is used to control the overall height of the entire cleaner. The lift will vertically adjust the core cleaner assembly to receive core sheet from the block saw. The integrated lift and conveyor systems will improve the ergonomics and safety of the final design as compared to the current cleaner. The final design meets all of the client’s needs and improves on the current core cleaner being used. Although there is a production downtime associated with the installation of the final design, the long term benefits far outweigh the short term inconvenience. The new ionized air core cleaner being suggested will help improve the cleaning consistency and cleaning effectiveness of the core cleaning process. The improved cleaning process will produce higher quality core sheets used in production.