The new gallery: interior design for new media

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Johnson, Kelli
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The space occupied by New Media is elusive. Its inherent omnipresence is yet another example of the loss of physicality of the information age. The contemporary gallery⎯- the white cube -⎯functions as a pseudo-religious tomb; suspending art-objects in limbo, without reference of time and space. Exhibition spaces for art have functioned to house the object for hundreds of years. But suddenly, the object has dissolved, slipping through the art museum’s desperate grasp. The following is a study of the tridactic exchange of art, the participant, and three-dimensional space. At the site of the city’s birth, new structure and cherished relic converge: erasing and re-writing, veiling and un-veiling, concealing and revealing, spaces evolve and dissolve, growing a continuously fluid environment. The result is an Interior Design driven solution for displaying New Media: a hybrid model that synthesizes the ubiquitous museum and the stable institution, forming what will become The New Gallery.
Interior Design, New Media