Response to Intervention: an inclusive framework for student services

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Narvey, Desiree Heather
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The purpose of this study was to gather information on how best to support the implementation of Response to Intervention as a student services framework to support inclusion. The key components of the RTI framework and the roles of adminstration and student services teams working within its framework were explored to assist in developing an action plan for its implementation in the school division being studied. The literature contends that as a framework for the systematic use of assessment data to effectively allocate resources in order to improve learning for all students, the implementation of RTI is complex and challenging since it is often distinguished by specific features of leadership, commitment, and corresponding professional development. A naturalistic qualitative design was employed using focus groups to collect data. The findings have assisted the school division involved in the study with a process for implementing RTI, thereby improving communication and collaboration in the face of change. It has also provided coordinators of student services with suggestions for building capacity with their student services teams.
Response to Intervention, Inclusion, Student Services, Resource teachers, Administrators, Special Education